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Our attractive prices for the geodetic measurements and services

In a time of unfair competition, we are able to offer competitive prices - without any compromise with the quality of the geodetic measurements and services, provided by us.

We accomplished this by:
1. Application of high accuracy and productive geodetic instruments - dual frequency GNSS receivers, supporting both the satellite systems GPS and GLONASS;
2. Developed and applied in the geodetic practice own software;
3. Applying of own know-how;
4. Usage of contemporary smartphones and a number of cloud services in our geodetic practice;
5. Existence of diverse experience from specific objects from the geodetic practice;
6. Application of own off-road 4WD car - jeep Nissan Pathfinder - needed for completion of each task in the surveying activities.

"GEO ZEMIA" offers to its clients competitive prices in comparison to the rivals.

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